ViT - Veterans in Trouble: Your Turn to Serve


Our Mission:

Helping Veterans who have sacrificed for us. Giving hope to those

who need it most. IT'S YOUR TURN TO SERVE!!              



See a list of what we've done to date and how we've help our Veterans in Trouble.

ViT - Veterans in Trouble:

Your Turn to Serve  

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Created by Veterans for Veterans. ViT - Veterans in Trouble: Your Turn to Serve was created to assist Combat Veterans who need a helping hand. 100% of your donations goes to a Combat Veteran in need. We sponsor a different Veteran each month using your donations.

Nothing can be compared to war. Even being homeless and on the streets. At least in war, your "brothers" got your six (back). Let's all band together and make sure "NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND".

Where there are VETERANS in need, we’ll be there lending a HELPING hand, FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, a smile .... AND HOPE!! THEY'VE SACRIFICED FOR US ~ NOW "IT'S YOUR TURN TO SERVE"!!




If you know a Vet who needs a helping hand, please send us an email with their story and contact info.

help our vets

Give a helping hand to those who need it most .... those who've defended and protected your FREEDOM!!


Blood, sweat and tears have built empires. If you cannot donate money, donate your time .... or both!!